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Following up on a tease I put out before we revealed the full technology survey results last week: I told you back in September that new media tools were being adopted, and the percentage rates of adoption were large. With a few more surveys in after that, we ended up here:


A few noteworthy things:

  • Email has caught up to print and phone in the number of agencies that say they used it. It had trailed
  • Even if web 2.0 tools (Social networking, blogs, podcasting, RSS feeds) are growing rapidly, they’re growing rapidly to very minority positions. The vast majority of nonprofits in the region are not using them.

There’s been a discussion over on Beth Kanter’s blog about when not to use social networking tools. Among other things, someone expressed shock that Faxes are still being used in 80% of organizations. With fax and with other communication tools, it’s worth digging down into the frequency numbers:


Yes, 80% of organizations have fax machines, but only 28% of those say they use them frequently. Email, on the other hand, is above 70% using it frequently. That beats print by a significant amount, which quantifies how email is clearly replacing print. The frequency rates of the newer communication tools are dominated by the “Rarely” response. Yes, more people are Podcasting, but none of them are doing it frequently. Other web 2.0 tools show similarly rare use even in the small minorities of organizations that are using the tools.


Written by Jeff Forster

November 5, 2008 at 6:25 pm

Posted in Survey Findings

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