Bayer Center Nonprofit Technology Survey

Data Glimpse: Technology Dreams

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One of the few open-ended questions we ask on the survey is:

What is your orgnization’s technology dream or next big step?

The answers cover a large spectrum of ambition, but many of them target simple steps or states of technology that one would have thought (oh, 8 years ago in the summer of the first survey) that we would have solved by now. A sampling:

  • new hardware, better software, ample website and tech troubleshooting support
  • Getting a better computer network, getting more training for staff
  • Our own website
  • New client management database

These responses, in fact, overlap with the kinds of responses we got in 2002, the first time we asked the question. A besetting problem – e.g. no centralized information system – may be solved by one agency but still loom as a barrier for 10 others. The final report will include a more quantitative analysis of the technology dream responses, but the theme of prosaic, enduring “dreams” definitely persists.

As long as the basic tools – PCs, network infrastructure, databases, web sites – are the next thing, nonprofits will continue to lag in adopting other technologies that create opportunities to reach more people and make change now.


Written by Jeff Forster

August 27, 2008 at 7:33 pm

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